Wasps have a very highly developed sense of smell. Whilst you will find the scent from WASP SHIELD both fresh and natural the Wasps will not. In the USA, for example, trials have indicated that Wasps could be extremely effective in “sniffing out” explosives and narcotics and scientists there are actively designing solutions on how to best use this ability. WASP SHIELD uses this highly developed sense of smell to simply encourage the Wasp from wanting to be in the same area as WASP SHIELD.


Over the last 10 years we have painstakingly developed a formula of natural ingredients and essential oils that produce an invigorating fragrance, but Wasps find very unpleasant. There are no special preparations, containers or electricity needed. Simply open WASP SHIELD and place it on a surface close to where wasps would be a nuisance or risk. The scent will be released immediately, and the Wasps’ finely tuned sense of smell will detect it and encourage them to simply move away from the area unharmed to continue their food hunting expedition.


Is WaspShield harmful to me, Wasps or any other insects?
The Waspshield formula is 100% made from natural oils and ingredients and the aroma does not harm either us or the Wasps it simply makes the Wasps want to avoid the aroma and move elsewhere. (As with any essential oils formula care should be taken to prevent Waspshield coming into contact with eyes or if digested in any way please follow the labelling)
What is the best way to use Waspshield products?
What if wasps are already in the area?
Will Waspshield work as effectively indoors and outdoors?
Is WaspShield affected by extreme weather conditions?
Where is the best place to position the WaspShield Portable?
Can I leave the tin open or do I need to close it every time after use?
Do you have any other WaspShield products?
Yes, we have a range of products that utilise the Waspshield formula currently including the portable for multi-use, a room diffuser for the home and our latest low priced Waspshield card designed for easy temporary use for up to 3 days.
What is the best way to open the portable Waspshield?
Where can I buy more WaspShield products?
What is the coverage of WaspShield?
Is WaspShield also effective against other insects/mosquitos?
What if, once open, the wasps keep coming?