Since time immemorial people have used herbal medications to alleviate pain and cure different illnesses. Contemporary science has acknowledged their active action in helping improve symptoms or shorten the duration of respiratory infections. Herbs such as Thyme Rosemary & Peppermint have also been found to inhibit viral growth and fight off Bacterial infection. Lemon Eucalyptus oil known PMD Rich Botanic Oil is known to have anti-viral properties and has been used as a barrier against the SARS 1 AIR. It is also currently being tested by the Ministry of Defense in the UK as protection for Covid 19. Andrographis paniculate oil is a well-known medicinal plant used to cure viral infections such as dengue fever and chikungunya fever.


Is AIR SHIELD harmful to me?
The AIR Shield formula is 100% made from natural oils and ingredients and the aroma is both invigorating and pleasant. (As with any essential oils formula care should be taken to prevent AIR SHIELD coming into contact with eyes or if digested in any way please follow the labelling)
What is the best way to use AIR SHIELD products?
Will AIR SHIELD work as effectively indoors and outdoors?
Is AIR SHIELD affected by extreme weather conditions?
Where is the best place to position the AIR SHIELD portable?
Can I leave the portable open or do I need to close it every time after use?
We recommend leaving the tin open only while using the product. After use close it to preserve its aroma and increase the lifetime of the product.
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What is the best way to open the portable AIR SHIELD?
Where can I buy more AIR SHIELD products?
What is the coverage of AIR SHIELD?