MOZZIE SHIELD is a unique and patented dual action essential oil air freshener that keeps your environment fresh and Mosquito free

100% Organic patented essential oíl formula

Long-lasting Dual Action – deterrent and air freshener

Non-lethal & Environmentally friendly

Incorporating “Passive Scent Release Technology”

No skin contact required, No spraying required

Travel Shield

It provides an easy-to-use, reusable solution. The container’s design is both robust and compact to make it suitable to easily fix to tables or simply replace the lid and slip it into your pocket or handbag for an on-the-go solution. It is a perfect essential solution for everyday situations: in the park, the café, terrace, when gardening or just relaxing or having a barbeque. It contains no liquids or insecticide, making it safe to be taken with you on airplanes so you can take your protective shield with you even while you’re on holiday. Lasts for up to 12 months!



Mozzie Cardshield Pack

Contains 2 single use Mozziecardshields and a separate bottle of our Mozzishield oil blend to allow you to top up your cards and use them time and again. Our Cardshield is a quick, easy-to use, portable solution designed to be used anywhere and anytime you need it. Ideal for the office, hanging on children’s school bags, shopping bags, golf bags, pushchairs or even the family pet. It offers you a protected, convenient and fresh environment in seconds.

Your Mozzishield cards are designed to be most effective for 24 to 48 hours once the aroma begins to fade just simply add a few drops of the Mozzishield oil blend on to your card and you are all set to continue to use your Mozziecard.



Portable Diffuser

Using the latest ultrasonic technology, you can protect the whole family at home or even when on the go. Capable of holding up to 350ml of water mixed with MOZZIE SHIELD 100% natural organic blend oil. You can rely on this fully portable device to shield you wherever you are. Using the USB cable provided you can use it all day plugged in with up to 8 hours run time with auto shut off function. Furthermore, it is silent, leak free and has a built in multi colour night light if required.



Pro Diffuser

Our Pro Diffuser utilises the latest ultrasonic technology, and makes a very attractive addition to any home of office. Capable of holding up to 500ml of water mixed with our unique MOZZIE-SHIELD 100% natural organic blend oil. You can rely on this attractive, modern, robust diffuser to shield you wherever you are. Taking just couple of hours to fully charge using the USB cable provided you can use it all day plugged in or for up to 8 hours for portable protection. It has an LCD battery capacity display and an Auto shut off function. It is silent, leak free and has a built in night light if required.




The MOZZIE SHIELD Repellent Re-Fill for MOZZIE shield Diffusers. The cost-effective way to use your MOZZIE SHIELD Diffuser and cards. It contains 10ml of the unique MOZZIE SHIELD deterrent formula and is supplied in a specially manufactured recyclable glass bottle to guarantee quality and extend the life of your MOZZIE SHIELD diffuser by up to an additional 14 days of full-time use.




1x Portable, 1x Card pack, 1x 10ml Refill





Invisible Protection & Dual Action

No skin contact required; No spraying required* Provides a fresh scent and an effective barrier *Except when used via battery powered diffusers

100% organic, no chemicals, No Deet

Made from a special blend of natural oils.

Portable & re-usable

Available in different product designs

Cost effective

May last for up to 12 months

Versatile use

Can be used anywhere and anytime, during Holiday, BBQ, Camping, whilst dining outdoors or indoors

Independently tested

Tested & recommended “very effective” by a leading entomologist
Designed and Made in Germany