The fragrance that
inhibits the threat
from airborne viruses


The Antiviral Activities of Essential Oils

The immune system is a highly complex system that contributes both to the maintenance of a healthy body and defence against harmful pathogens. Certain existing health factors and mental states can make it difficult for the immune system to be fully effective.  Natural remedies such as essential oils can support the body’s immune response.

Essential oils have a long list of therapeutic properties some oils can produce a quick response, while others may have a much slower cumulative action. These differences are determined by the constituents present in an essential oil, the dosage used and the method of application. Many essential oils can work in synergy with each other and can address more than one aspect of health at the same time. A number of essential oil constituents have been found to inhibit microbial and bacterial replication in clinical studies, but the mechanisms by which essential oils can undermine Virus`s is still not clear. Other essential oils with more therapeutic properties can ease different symptoms and help as respiratory antiseptics, anti-inflammatories, mucolytics, febrifuges, antitussives, expectorants, decongestants, cytoplastic, antioxidants and prophylactics. All essential oils with these properties can help make the ‘terrain’ in the body less welcoming to infectious organisms and can decrease the acuteness of symptoms.

Fight against Covid 19

While it certainly cannot be claimed that essential oils are a cure for this current serious illness, nonetheless, they can be useful for people who have milder symptoms of Covid19 and who have not needed to be hospitalized. For example, respiratory oils like Peppermint, Eucalyptus, can help keep respiratory passages open and improve breathing capacity but they can also work as mucous expectorants, and help ‘sanitise’ the ambient air in confined spaces. Pathogens are also thought to be adversely affected by aromatic molecules. and essential oils offer such an array of aromatic molecules that can help damage the bacteria . To reiterate essential oils are not a cure, but certain essential oils can interfere with the cycle of infection/replication of pathogens.

Essential Oils

AIR SHIELD is a unique dual action essential oil that keeps your environment fresh and can inhibit the impact of bacteria and pathogens.
Essential oils have also been used for thousands of years for cosmetic purposes, as well as for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties. They are also well known for their distinct aroma and insect repellent properties. Taking these core properties, we have developed a unique combination of oils produced by both steam distillation and cold pressing. This provides the purest of essential oils that are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted.

This unique formula now enables us to produce an air freshener that delivers both an invigorating aroma and natural inhibitor against bacteria. Historically you would need to buy both an air freshener and a chemical-based repellent which in many cases actually counter acts the air freshener by giving off a very chemical based odor. Now with AIR SHIELD you can have both solutions in just one 100% natural air fresh product.

AIR SHIELD is a unique organic air freshener formula supplied in different products to ensure protection in different situations either at home,
in the office or during your leisure time.

Environmentally safe

AIR SHIELD – The environmentally friendly way to keep the air fresh and inhibit the spread of airborne Virus and bacteria.
Our AIR SHIELD formula contains a combination of natural oils and ingredients that make AIR SHIELD both safe and effective to use
The AIR SHIELD manufacturing processes and procedures are designed to be clean, efficient and contained, and our facilities utilise programs that support and promote waste recycling and energy efficiency. The innovative thinking represented by AIR SHIELD and the responsible management of our company demonstrate our commitment to helping deal with the environmental challenges faced by everyone.

Essential Oil facts

Essential oils or their constituents are widely used in pharmaceutical preparations, in cosmeceuticals (skin-care products with the combined benefits of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals), as food preservatives, flavour enhancers, in traditional and complementary medicine, in aromatherapy and in the spa industry. Essential oils not only provide fragrant odours but they also offer so many health benefits and are considered safe to use in the home when used within safety guidelines. Also, the simple action of smelling an essential oil can have a number of measurable physiological effects on the body such as change in heart rate or blood pressure, change in brainwaves activity, change in eye movement, etc. In fact, a number of studies have shown that the fragrant odours of essential oils have psycho-physiological effects and proved that they can bring fast relief from stress and ease emotional difficulties.