The fragrance that keeps Mosquitos at bay the natural way


Mosquitoes are a great threat to human health. Fortunately, they have a weakness: they utilize their sense of smell to target a human host. Recent studies examine the effectiveness of protecting humans from attack by ablating or odorant targeting mosquito olfactory receptors, essentially persuading them to go elsewhere. Attraction – Initially, they’re attracted by the carbon dioxide we exhale. Body heat is probably important too, but once the mosquito gets closer, she will respond to the smell of a potential blood sources. MOZZI SHIELD helps target this weakness by releasing the Mozzie shield scent to help block these senses to a fresh and Mosquito free environment by which you, your family and friends can enjoy a pleasant fresh scented existence without the nuisance and risks associated with Mosquitos.
MOZZI SHIELD is non-lethal as mosquitoes serve important functions in numerous ecosystems, serving as food for many species, helping filter detritus for plant life to thrive, pollinating flowers etc.


MOZZI SHIELD will not only encourage the Mosquitos to go elsewhere but give the space an invigorating and fresh aroma.
You can use MOZZI SHIELD quite simply anywhere. MOZZI SHIELD can be used both indoors and outdoors making it the ideal flexible solution. Used indoors this may be as simple as placing MOZZI SHIELD around your home during the Mosquito season or using outdoors for those special days spent outdoors at BBQ`s, picnics, or just having a get together outside. All of which you can do confident that not only will your space be filled with a very fresh scent but also Mosquitos will look elsewhere for their food.
As MOZZI SHIELD is also available in a neat, compact design and can be easily carried in bags or pockets, making it the perfect solution for the occasional trip, holiday, or anytime spent outdoors.
MOZZI SHIELD does not just protect you and your family young and old but can also be very effective in not only protecting your pets but also providing a pleasant scent that can mask more unpleasant aromas.


Most mosquito repellents evaporate on the skin and work by blocking a mosquito’s sense of smell, preventing it from finding its target. This is how substances such as picaridin or diethyltoluamide (DEET for short) work. Unfortunately, with most of these chemical repellants research has shown that the chemicals in mosquito repellents are not safe to be inhaled and can cause serious breathing problems, or trigger allergic reactions. In large doses, these chemicals can be fatal to inhale and may even cause cancer. When applied directly to the skin incorrect application can lead to health issues such as skin irritation, disorientation, dizziness and, in extreme cases, seizures or death (Source The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR),

The unique passive release technology used by MOZZI SHIELD means that no spraying* of any kind and no direct skin contact is required. *Except when used via battery powered diffusers